Checklist for users changing from Amperhof shop model to standard template (Shop 2016)

All links in the text are only accessible after login to the documentation platform. This is done from the PC Gardener. How is described

For some points mentioned here see also project plan Shop2016!


  1. OPTIONAL Do you need training and support from the PCG team? Please make an appointment!
  2. OPTIONAL Should a staging or alternative system be used? 
  3. IMPORTANT Update to the current PCG version
  4. OPTIONAL Think of a concept for the menu structure or rely on the design specifications with a few main menu items. Or just rely on the defaults.
  5. OPTIONAL Organize the subscription boxes in meaningful groups. Or just use the default grouping per name.
  6. IMPORTANT New customers are automatically assigned to the tours. You should therefore complete the tour settings (postcode or a distance strategy, setup of the new customer tour, generate dates). As a minimum you have to set a new customer tour in the admin area and enter the maximum distance of a new customer from the shop.
  7. OPTIONAL In the shop you work a lot with clicks on plus/minus to enter the quantity: You could set the step size as well as the maximum and minimum quantities of the articles exactly.
  8. OPTIONAL Additional information for articles can be automatically fed by entering the EAN of Ecoinform or DataNatuRe. If not yet enabled, unlock the option in the admin area of the shop. If necessary, get an access account to Ecoinform (both pretty much german only) .
  9. IMPORTANT send the order form to Ökobox-Online ;-) Otherwise we act as seller in law 
  10. IMPORTANT confirm the european GDPR Contract with Ökobox-Online that we offer (inside the admin area)
  11. set the PCG "cleanup" parameter to a  higher value, as order data will be visible for the customer for a longer period of time

The points labeled IMPORTANT arer required so that web design can be started. In addition, item  data should be in the system at this time and the WebDesigner should have a customer account in the shop.

Test before the live connection

  • Have all pages been viewed before? Also on a mobile phone? e.g.
    • Item pages in list form and detail form for all menu levels and article types?
    • Subscription box display
    • profile pages
    • Shopping Cart
    • Check the customer new Registration Path
  • Did you understand all the procedures? In contrast to the Amperhof model, these things are different:
    • Uponn new customer registration, a password was already assigned by the customer, no need for defaults!
    • The customer may change subscriptions, and they can/will be imported to PCG
    • The direct email link should be switched off! Does the customer have access data (user, password)?
    • Are you familiar with the AboImport?

Starting up

  1. SSL works?
  2. Are all path settings tuned in the admin area?
  3. Data protection declaration complete, DSGVO signed by ökobox-online?
  4. You have a suitable Terms&Conditions document around?
  5. Is there a useful Error 404 page?